Monday, October 16, 2006

AfricaBike Project

I'm off to Africa next spring for a special trip. My husband and I will be taking my dad to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. It's the highest mountain on the African continent at 19340 ft / 5895 m. I recently read an article that the glaciers on Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya (17057 ft / 5199 m) will be gone within 25 to 50 years as a result of deforestation and industrial pollution. So it seems our trip will be special in a bittersweet way - we will get a chance to see glaciers that others may not see in the future. It's a pretty obvious example that our Earth and its resources are not infinite.
See the article at:

The article reminded me of a neat project that the Kona Bicycle company has put together called the AfricaBike project. Basically, Kona has embarked on a project to design, build and donate bikes for home health care workers in African countries. Not only does the project help those who are helping the fight against HIV and AIDS, it reinforces a sustainable and affordable means of transportation - the bicycle. Check out the details of the project at:

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