Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It’s harder than I thought it would be. I was talking with a friend today and she had a great perspective. She said that it’s hard to notice how busy and stressful life is when you’re home living it. It’s an entirely different story when you return to it after a long break. I totally agree. I think I’m trying to figure out how to balance what I’ve learned on the road with what I didn’t need from the past. I’d like to keep the best parts of who I was and mix them with the person I am now.

So far reentry has been a blessing and a curse. In three weeks I’ve done the following analysis:
Family and Friends
Up - we have been able to catch up with most everyone. It feels really good to interact, share, and sleep in familiar places.
Down - Traveling in the car. For now, it’s a necessary evil.
Up - I feel like a have an entirely new wardrobe.
Down – Too many choices; there is laundry everywhere.
Up – A chance to do something creative.
Down – Do I want a “grown-up” job again?

Despite the roller coaster of emotions, I realize that I am living life. Furthermore, I’m living it as I imagined. It’s real, it’s intense, and ultimately, it’s inspired. We can’t experience the highs without the lows, the exceptional without the ordinary. I think I’m facing in the right direction; I just need to move forward.



Michele said...

I understand the reentry thing. It was a tough adjustment when I got back from Portugal. 18 months of living an unconventional lifestyle and then you are thrust back into "life." Do what feels right for you.

Perry said...

How about a part-time grown-up consulting job? They're great, if you can pull 'em off! And they never last... alas...

Wardrobes are overrated, but unfortunately people tend to look at you askance if you show up wearing the same ones every day. Sometimes I do it anyway.

Don't worry too much. You've already shown that you can deal with privation and suffering... so what do you really have to worry about?!

You guys'll be fine. Kick some ass!