Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ginger Ninjas and The Pleasant Revolution

As your resident earth loving, bicycle riding, thirty-something, I decided it would be appropriate to find something blog worthy for today (Earth Day). I pulled up my favorite search engine, Blackle, and typed in the words "reduce carbon footprint bicycles". About a quarter of the way down I noticed a link that caught my eye:

"Green Ninjas took their rock tour around Mexico by bicycle, greatly reducing the carbon footprint normally associated with rock concerts."

Obviously, I had to check the link out. I discovered that the Green Ninjas are actually the Ginger Ninjas and they toured from Northern California to Southern Mexico on bicycles. They even powered all of their equipment with our favorite human powered machine. Their tour is called The Pleasant Revolution.

You gotta check out the video above!

Here's to a low carbon footprint,


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