Monday, May 11, 2009




In preparation for the Colorado Trail, Chris and I participated in an endurance race over the weekend. Just to make it challenging, we rode our singlespeeds instead of geared bikes. More of just an event for us, the 'race' was staged at Bear Creek Lake Park, our current home track.

When we arrived at registration on Saturday morning, I was surprised to receive a number plate marked '1'. I believe this honor is normally reserved for the winner of last year's race and I felt like I should have been wearing yellow instead of bright blue. Anyhow, I displayed the number proudly. It certainly represented my entire experience; one speed, alone in my class, and eventually, the winner (just of my class, not the race). In the end I was toast, but thankful that I had finished. I can now mark number 14 of my life list: ride endurance race on singlespeed.

Happy Monday,


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