Friday, August 24, 2007

The Countdown: One Month Until We Leave

Today marks 30 days until we leave. The panic has not set in yet...

We've been starting to focus on the trip almost exclusively: health insurance, visas, finances and procuring the last few pieces of gear. Now we'll have some time to pack and re-pack our panniers the best way possible. In addition, we will be going out on a mini-tour in the next couple of weeks. We're definitely cutting it a little close but we have to work with the time we have left.

We've also been deciding how much or how little to plan the first few weeks in New Zealand. Leslie's parents will be arriving in late October and we're leaning towards following a pre-defined route from a book until then. After their visit we plan to be very flexible. Our only committment is a week in Nelson for Christmas. We hope to preview most of the South Island while touring with Leslie's parents to get a sense of where we might want to go on our bikes.

Most of all, we're very anxious and excited to start the trip.


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Heather said...

Hi Leslie! Great picture of you guys! Gee your hair looks nice. Glad to have seen you guys!