Thursday, September 13, 2007

Field Testing

Ten days to go until we set off on our adventure....

We've been doing a lot of field testing the last two weeks. Last week we did our first ride with all of the gear. Chris' bags weighed in at 55 lbs while my bags registered 34 lbs. It was easier than I thought to ride with the panniers. I was still a little gun-shy from the B.O.B trailer incident. We rode about 20 miles in just over 2 hours - not bad. Aside from redistributing some weight, we feel pretty confident in our setup.
This morning we tested our new Brunton GPS unit and I have decided to use it as my "bike computer". I should have all of the same functions and we can save points to download into a map.
This afternoon we took the bikes out to procure the last few items of gear. It was such a pleasure to not be in a car driving around Southwest Denver. It's amazing how bicycling can be very stress-free and very productive at the same time.
We are definitely looking forward to the next week and a half. We'll be making the final preparations and visiting as much as possible with family and friends. It's hard to believe that we're finally on the verge of this global journey - we cannot wait to get started.

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