Sunday, September 23, 2007

The World

It's finally here. I'm writing on the eve of our trip. I don't really feel nervous or rushed. I feel like tomorrow is just another day in our new life. It's been about ten years in the making and it just seems like time to go.

We've made and had many phone calls tonight. It still doesn't seem like goodbye, just farwell for awhile. We'll let everyone know when we get to Auckland.

So now we get to start Bicycle Geography. The bicycle thing is fairly straight forward, but the geography thing might be a bit unclear. It's hard to explain in a short sentence eventhough it is the most simple part of the trip. We will be experiencing geography every day, all day. From the people we meet to the landscapes we ride through, geography will be all around us. We're essentially a classroom on wheels. We will be the students and (hopefully) the teachers.

So let's begin. Since I am a cartographer, I like to start with a good map whenever I go to some new location. I thought I'd start us off with a world map this morning. It's an overview of the world and its major components. Enjoy!

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ClassAct said...

Wow...what a compact packing job...hope it all arrived in great shape. Looking forward to following the adventures!!