Friday, September 21, 2007

Floyd is Innocent

I saw it on the news last night. Floyd Landis was given a two year ban from cycling and stripped of his Tour de France title. I've been following this ridiculous witch-hunt since Floyd won the tour. Floyd proved (with science) that he didn't cheat. It doesn't matter - there are higher powers that don't subject themselves to science. The only thing that USADA proved was that they can make the rules, interpolate the rules and choose people to enforce the rules. The system is most definitely flawed.
Here's what I think. They railroaded Floyd because it was safe. Cycling is not a popular sport in the US like football, baseball or basketball. The USADA had the opportunity make an example out of a big name athlete without having catastrophic backlash. You would never see anything like this happen in the NFL, MLB or NBA.
My hat is off to Floyd Landis putting on his ass-kicking shoes. He has great commitment and character and has become a great advocate for other athletes who don't have the resources to support their own battles.

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