Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bon Voyage Parties

We've been honored with a bon voyage party each of the last two Saturdays.
Last weekend we spent in Vail with our Eagle County friends. As the sun set over Nottingham Lake, we enjoyed a picnic and an exciting croquet match. Thanks to our very good friends, Sean and Jennie, who organized a wonderful send-off. We will miss them both very much and we look forward to the possibility of them joining us later in the trip.

Yesterday we had our second bon voyage party - this time the venue was Leslie's parent's house in Denver. We had a chance to visit with both of our families and some long time friends. Chris' mom drove from Meeker to join the festivities. It was great to spend some time with her before we take off.

We'd really like to thank everyone for their love and encouragement as we embark on this grand adventure. It gives us confidence as we jump off into the unknown. It's overwhelming at times to think that so many people are thinking of us - we will carry all of the good thoughts and wishes from home with us as we pedal our bikes. We look forward to bringing back, what we hope will be, wonderful and intriguing stories.

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JennSean said...

We cannot believe that only a few weeks ago we were saying "see you later" and now you are already in New Zealand! WOO HOO! Have fun and "talk" to you soon!
Jennie & Sean