Sunday, March 02, 2008

Horse Carts and Saddle Sores

Day 158
Lampang Rest Day

We’ve spent the day resting in Lampang. It was planned as part of the route but couldn’t have been timed better. Our bums are pretty sore from five days in a row. I think the heat and humidity just adds to the fun. We’ll have to be careful – we’re on the verge of saddle sores. I won’t describe them in detail, but you can get them at any time, even after many miles of riding. Chris did some shopping this morning for some products that we hope will help prevent any further problems.
We ventured out for lunch around noon. We’re sticking to the plan of eating in local restaurants and being adventurous with food. Today we sampled some traditional curry dishes from Northern Thailand. The curry was served in little terra cotta bowls that came from large pots boiling in front of the restaurant. From our stools we were able to watch other dishes prepared with fresh ingredients just inches from the street. Not sure when our luck will end but at least we can say we’ve been eating like the locals.
In addition to the culinary delights, the city of Lampang definitely has some interesting architecture and transportation. It was established in the 7th century as the center of the northern teak industry. Many traders from China, Burma and the West once passed through here. There are many teak buildings still standing and it gives the city a nice window to the past. The other novelty that remains are the horse drawn carriages that still operate. We’ve seen a few interesting vehicles in the places we’ve traveled through, but nothing quite as unique as this. I guess it’s symbolic of the traditional past and the modern future; scooters and horse carts on the same street.
Here’s to washing down your hot curry with iced coffee,

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