Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In and Around Luang Prabang

Day: 168
Time: The a.m. hours

We set the alarm early this morning to see if it was light enough to ride at 6:00 am. We both concluded that it was and then slept in for another hour or so. We timed our breakfast right at the Jo Ma Café as we ran into a couple who are touring on their tandem. They are from the U.S. and have been in the road for 27 months. They describe themselves as being in their sixties, but certainly don’t act it. Our paths crossed here as they were heading north and we are going south. We did manage to get some good information on the road ahead though. She was sorry that she didn’t have the elevation data for us, but he thought it better that we didn’t know what to expect. I think that sounds hilly. Check out their website at We visited a wat again after breakfast and I think we are finally templed out for the time being. I think I mentioned that we hadn’t become templed out yet in an earlier blog, well you can scratch that.
After hitting an internet café and a couple of book stores looking for a map we ended up back at baguette sandwich corner for a little lunch. We brought them back to our guesthouse to eat while we watched the kids swim and play in the river below. Quite the relaxed life. It should change tomorrow with a pretty big day for us. It could have been 130 km, but with newly acquired information we can split the day up into two days. There is a ton of climbing so that should be beneficial to our legs.
Off to my last hot shower for a couple of days and then to dinner.
Talk to you in a few

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JennSean said...

I checked out the webpage of the people you spoke with from Ohio. Reminds me of the two of you but at retirement age!