Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Wonderful World - Want to Join the Cause?

Way back when we started this bicycle adventure around the globe, we had a few goals in mind. They were simple; travel the world, promote geography, and inspire people to ride bicycles. As I now sit here, three months after the conclusion, trying to compile a book about our journey, I find myself focusing in the second goal - promote geography. Sounds kind of boring, huh? My answer is no, but I'm a geography geek.

Acutally, I wish there were more "geo geeks" out there. According to a 2006 survey, young americans are lacking basic geographic knowledge, but consider it "very important" for their careers. Considering that the subject of geography is the only core subject that does not receive funding under the No Child Left Behind Act, one might start to understand where the deficiency begins.

The 2006 Roper Survey was part of the inspiration for our trip. We now understand that promoting geography is a life long pursuit. We plan to continue our part through the publishing of a book, future bicycle touring expeditions, and continued blog ramblings. We encourage you to get involved as well. Here are a few ways to "go geo":

My Wonderful World website:

Go on a trip: local, regional, or international. Explore your world!

Thank you. This has been a public service announcement from the Bicycle Geography Crew.


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