Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday

Day 133
Lilydale to Scottsdale
Time: 3:05:22
Distance: 26.57
Avg Speed: 8.56
Terrain: Rolling
Location: 41˚ 09’ 36.2” S, 147˚ 31’ 7.1” E

It’s Wednesday here but still the day before in Colorado and there’s a lot going on. As you know, it’s an election year and I think it will prove to be an important one. Don’t worry; I’m not going to share my political opinions or aspirations. What I will say is that we’ve been able to follow the news at home in detail throughout our trip. The amount of information has surprised me and I believe that the US news agencies don’t reciprocate. It just goes to show how much influence the United States has throughout the world.
We stopped early again today. The weather front to the northeast was expected to bring more rain this afternoon. We rolled into Scottsdale around lunch and started working on a plan to get to move a bit faster. We booked a bus ticket for tomorrow to get us closer to some of places of interest on the east coast. It should be interesting; part of the trip will be on the mail run to St Helens.
On a trip like this, we are constantly thinking about what to see and what not to see. Time, finances and transportation are all part of the equation. We’ve come to realize that it’s best to think that we may never return again to visit. If it costs a little more and we have the time and the legs we usually go for it. In this case, we need a little more time so we accept having to take a bus to get to the highlights.
We’re on night two of the pub accommodation tour. We’re not so interested in the tent right now; especially with the rain we’ve seen the last couple of days. Hopefully the weather will clear up soon and we can get in a few more nights on the ground before we send the tent home.
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