Saturday, February 09, 2008

Wineglass Bay

Day: 136
Bicheno to Coles Bay to Bicheno
Time: All Day
Terrain: Rocky and Sandy

We found a nice place to rest our heads in Bicheno so we decided to take a shuttle down to Freycinet National Park. The park is on the Freycinet Peninsula on the east coast of Tasmania. It is home to a great little range of granite peaks called the Hazards along with one of the most beautiful beaches around. Wineglass Bay and Wineglass Beach see over 140,000 visitors per year. Most of them come in on the foot track, but some do sail into the bay to enjoy the scenery. The water was too rough for commercial boat tours today so we had the beach to ourselves and only 50-60 other people. The beach itself is quite large so we were all spread out and had a little patch of sand to ourselves. The hike to the beach is about 1 hour long so most people hike it as an out and back. We had all day so we decided to do the hike as a loop and cross the isthmus to Hazards Beach and out along Great Oyster Bay. The rain held off most of the day and we enjoyed dry weather. It was a nice hike, even with dead legs, and we only saw one snake. It was shy and slithered off into the bush before we could get a photo of it. We did manage to get some photos of some nasty little jelly fish here called blue bottles. They were washed up all along Hazards Beach so we took the opportunity to take a few photos. I think they look like a little bubble of blueberry gum on the ground.
The shuttle picked us up at the visitor’s center and we enjoyed one of the more scary rides on a shuttle in a while. The driver insisted on driving as fast as the van could go and still hold the road.
The backpackers we are in has all the double rooms in one building and all the bunk rooms in another. We are in the double room building and found that our new house mates were a family from China. We ended up cooking dinner together and while they were cooking lobster, potatoes, carrots and peas, I was whipping up a Thai soup with rice noodles. The matriarch of the family took great interest in what I was cooking and remarked that it looked delicious. It was a good little meal, but if I had my choice I think I would have liked to have the lobster.
We are fading fast with our legs right now, so we are catching a bus to Hobart tomorrow. 4 ½ months riding the road has caught up with us. We don’t really want to miss out on the terrain between here and Hobart, but we don’t really want to get ill or completely blow up either. We are going to treat ourselves right before we head off to Asia where we will take some more time off before getting back on the road.

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