Thursday, December 20, 2007

Day 85: Havelock to Nelson

Time: 4:43:39
Distance: 73.26 k
Avg Speed: 15.4 kph
Terrain: Big Hills and Big Descents
Location: 41 16’ 39.0” S, 173 17’ 6.3” E

I think it must be the holiday season or something – the traffic was insane today. I had planned to write a scathing blog tonight, but I’ve since calmed down. We’ve both been restrained in our past comments about New Zealand drivers. I’m not sure we can do that anymore. They drive way too fast and don’t give a “you know what” about anyone else on the road. I guess we’re in for a rude awaking if we encounter any worse on the rest of our travels.
We’re back on the coastal roads and found ourselves riding through hilly terrain. We’ve come a long way from the first hills we climbed almost three months ago. Our average speed is faster now – we must finally be in shape.
The end of the road today was Nelson. The largest city on the northern South Island, Nelson is very popular. It has a great climate and is a good jumping off point for many different activities. Tonight we’re camped out on the lawn in the garden of a backpackers hostel. We’ve found that the backpackers are a bit cozier than the holiday parks and are full interesting travelers.
We’re headed west again tomorrow and one day closer to a place at the beach. I am really looking forward to a bed and my own bathroom.

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