Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Southeast Asia and the Queen’s Christmas Address

Day: 89 and 91
Time: Not at all important
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I took a day off of blogging on Sunday. I really didn’t do it on purpose, I think I just fell asleep. We didn’t do anything exciting by any means. We did laundry (long overdue), slept in and went to the beach. Nothing like a vacation from your vacation. The laundry was particularly interesting since we really hadn’t done any for about 10 days. This wouldn’t be too bad, but all of our clothes fit into two small stuff sacks. Can you say stinky!!
My up to date blog is taking place on Christmas. We didn’t do anything really exciting. Leslie gave me a new toothbrush and two (count them two [2]) chocolate bars. I gave her a toothbrush and two (count them two [2]) packs of mentos. It is amazing what you really need and what you really want. We both needed new toothbrushes and we really like candy. Merry Christmas to us. Our second order of business was a hike along the Tasman coast where we enjoyed warm weather (80˚ F) and plenty of sunshine. Our third order of business was laying out a rough map for our route in southeast Asia and China. We have a rough idea of where we are going and timeline to match. We shall see how close we are to that plan. We ended the day with my lovely wife cooking a traditional (somewhere I think) dinner of pasta with pesto and a tomato, basil and mozzarella salad.
We did get to see the fiftieth anniversary of televised Christmas Addresses by the Queen of England. The message was one of family and helping out fellow mankind. The message was very simple and coming from the queen very eloquent.
Family is important in our lives. They give us connection to what life is all about. They give us gifts of love and support.
That is all one needs in life (along with mentos, chocolate and toothbrushes).
Merry Christmas to all.

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