Monday, December 17, 2007

Prison Bus

Day: 83
Dunedin to Christchurch
Time: 5:00:00
Distance: 360 km
Avg Speed: At least 100 kph
Terrain: hilly and bus-like
Location: 172 37' 31" E, 43 31' 39" S

We got out of dodge early this morning. We caught the bus from Dunedin to Christchurch today. The bus left at 7:45 this morning so we had to get up early and get on the road to the bus station. We had thought about riding to Christchurch, but SH 1 is not the road for the faint of heart. It is a two lane road connecting the two biggest cities on the south island and sees a lot of traffic. Riding your bike on it, even though it is done, is taking your life in your hands, and hoping that all those motorists have there head on the road and not somewhere else.
The bus is always fun, and here the buses are comfortable and clean. The drivers pull over a couple times for nature breaks and coffee stops. Today’s ride was pretty uneventful except for the little chicky next to Leslie and I having a fight over her cell phone. Classic Kiwi.
We arrived in Christchurch this afternoon and ran the gauntlet through town to our accommodations near the train station. We are staying at a historical jail house turned backpackers ( We are in cell 9. When I say cell 9, I do mean cell 9. The room is 6’ x 15’ and the walls are 60 cm thick. The door to the room is the original heavy iron door, except it locks on the inside. The jail was built in 1874 and stands today as an example of gothic revival architecture. It is rather surreal to walk through the gate into the yard to check in. It is all in fun, and the wardens (hostel staff) have fun at their job.
We are off tomorrow on the train to Picton. It should be fun.
I would also like to give a shout out to my sister and her husband. They welcomed two little girls into the world the other day. All is well and the mom and the babies are doing fine.
Sayonara from cell block D

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Tell your sis we said CONGRATS!!!