Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hot Date with My Honey

Day: 93
Marahau Party Day 5
Time: 3.5 hours
Distance: 10 k
Avg Speed: slow
Terrain: flat

We decided that we were going to get away for a little hike early this morning. The day started clear and bright, so after a little coffee, a little cereal, and a lot of toast (I am on a toast kick this week) we were out the door. The Abel Tasman track starts about a kilometer from where we are staying. It is really convenient to run over there for some hiking or beach time. We didn’t want to go out real far today so we hiked for an hour and a half to Apple Tree Bay and spent a little while sitting in the sand watching the tide come in. The ocean is mesmerizing. I think I stared at the same spot of sand for 10 minutes until it disappeared under the green waters of the Tasman Bay. We then hiked out swimming upstream of the tour bus hikers and all the other people coming out for an afternoon stroll.
The rest of the day centered on laundry, lunch, reading, re-packing our panniers and getting ready for dinner.
We had made reservations at the only restaurant in town for tonight. I was glad that we did since the hostess was really giving people hell for not making reservations. The dinner was nice. We had a great conversation (which we do most of the time) and ate some wonderful food. We were celebrating our Christmas together as well as reaching our quarterly review stage. It was cool to get dressed up in our flying clothes and go have a nice meal together. It is funny to have one decent outfit for flying, eating out, trains, and any other outing that requires dress beyond shorts and a t-shirt. It does make getting dressed easy though. You just have to find the right stuff sack.
We are out of our fresh Christmas digs tomorrow and off to Motueka for our first night back in the tent.
Hope everyone had a great holiday and is looking forward to a great New Year.

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