Monday, May 12, 2008

Ready or Not China, Here We Come…

Day 230
Bluesky Trail to Coyote Ridge
Time: 2:45:00
Distance: +/- 20 miles
Avg Speed: Slow
Terrain: Ancient Sea Beds
Location: Fort Collins

Another day, another singlespeed ride. We had another epic and this time it was accidental. Three plus hours and one flat tire later we arrived back in town. Our route took us south of the cuty and we combined the Blue Sky Trail with Coyote Ridge Natural Area. We underestimated the distance a bit, but it was all training and the extra miles will help us this summer.
Now for the exciting news (drum roll please)…
Our passports have returned and we are now the proud owners of Chinese visas. It was really anticlimactic since we employed a visa service. It was definitely worth the few extra dollars to have the experts work through the process.
We’re scheduled to travel to Kunming, the capital of the Yunnan Province, at the end of July. All of our summer riding should pay off since this part of Southwest China is home to some high elevations and hilly terrain. In addition, we’ll be looking forward to the cultural diversity as the Yunnan is home to over 50% of China’s ethnic minorities. All in all, we are very excited for the next phase of our international adventure.

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