Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The ABCs

Day 247
Time: 2 Hours
Distance: 10 Laps
Avg Speed: Climbing
Terrain: Rock Gym
Location: Fort Collins

We’ve been in a holding pattern the last few days. Chris’ bike ended up in the shop and the weather was pretty wet and cold. We have the time so we extended our stay in Fort Collins.
Since the trails are pretty wet we decided to hit the climbing gym today. It’s the first time in quite awhile that I’ve strapped on my harness and done some laps. I started with a climb called “The ABCs” and then worked my way through several different routes. It felt good to get some repetition in and not have to worry about some of the things required of an outdoor climb. You see, I’ve struggled with my climbing in the last year. It wasn’t related to my ability or an injury, it has to do with confidence, fear, and obviously, lack of time on the rope. I had a few climbing goals planned last summer before our bicycle trip began. I only accomplished a fraction of the list and somehow, my mind began to turn on me. Not only was I frustrated, I felt like I was letting down my climbing partners. For one of the few times in my life I wasn’t able to accomplish everything I set out to do. Little did I know that our trip abroad would take me through the process of tearing down and building up several times over.
Fast forward about eight months to Wednesday May 28, 2008. Many things have changed; no job, no house, no car. In addition to those tangible things, my persona has changed as well. To me, the most significant change is that I have much more clarity. In other words, I feel like my mind has slowed down to a pace that allows me to be very present. I can see much more simplicity in everything. A year ago, I overwhelmed myself with the responsibility of climbing. Today I started over at the beginning. And all I had to do were my ABCs.

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