Sunday, June 01, 2008

Day 248: Ft. Collins to West of Rustic

Time: 5:38
Distance: 50 miles
Avg Speed: 9.09 mph
Terrain: Uphill/Rolling

We started our bike tour for real today. The ride from Boulder last week was just a ride. We saw our friends off to work this morning, patted the dog goodbye and rolled on out of the garage a little past 8:00. The ride through Ft. Collins was a little hectic this morning with rush hour drivers not really paying too much attention. We also managed to time our ride with a trash truck that we leap frogged a couple times. We finally made it through Laporte and to Ted’s Place before turning off the road and heading up the mighty Poudre River. In the canyon we raced with every rafting company in Northern Colorado. The river is up right now (it was measuring at 3.5’ on an incremented rock) and there were a lot of rafters taking advantage of the high water and warm temperatures.
Our goal was to make it up the river canyon about 20 miles on the east side of Cameron Pass. We found a nice little free camping spot across the highway from the river and set about making ourselves at home. The tent didn’t get any bigger since we slept in it last. We figured the last time we camped in it was in Torquay in Victoria, Australia. Quite a contrast from that campsite and this one. There we had to worry about drunk surfers, here we have to worry about bears getting into our food. I guess it always something. Tomorrow we are heading up and up on our way to Cameron Pass. The scenery is beautiful and the traffic is light. I knew there was a reason I liked Colorado!

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