Thursday, June 05, 2008


It's not a picture size - it's the most common gear ratio for a singlespeed bicycle.

We made a run to the dump today. On the way down the road we picked up the paper and I immediately noticed a sports article about singlespeeds. Even the Grand Junction paper is hip with the times. If you haven't noticed (or maybe you have), singlespeeds are all the rage right now. Cruisers, fixed-gears and mountains bikes; one speed is all you need.
It's not like they haven't been around - singlespeeds were the original bicycle. Even the Tour de France cyclists raced with one gear in the early days of the historic stage race. In addition, I just read an article about a Colorado woman named Dora Reinhardt who rode 20 centuries in 20 days back in 1896. She did it wearing a dress AND pedaling only one speed.
Today singlespeeds have an entire culture surrounding them. Hey - if one speed makes you feel cool, go for it. The more bicycles in the mix, the better.
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