Saturday, June 14, 2008


Day 262
No Name to Eagle
Time: 30 minutes by car, 50 minutes by bike, 1:15 on singletrack
Distance: 24 – 8 – 8
Avg Speed: 50 – 9.8 – 6.4
Terrain: Interstate – New Bike Path - Singletrack
Location: 39˚ 39’ 39.52” N, 106˚ 49’ 3.0” W

Eleven months ago today we were saying farewell to co-workers and packing up the last of our personal items. Eleven months ago today we said goodbye to the structure of an 8-5 job. Eleven months ago today we took the first step in the “journey of a thousand miles”.

Today we caught up with eleven months ago and pedaled our way from Gypsum to Eagle. I definitely felt like we were coming full circle. We’ve made a few trips to Eagle County since we’ve been home, but today was obviously different. I didn’t feel overwhelmed with emotion, I just felt good. I knew the territory and I was looking forward to the familiar faces. Life was good here and this part of central Colorado will always have a special place in my heart.
The ride through Glenwood Canyon was made with a vehicle instead of a bicycle. It was an unplanned shuttle, but necessary since the recreation path is closed due to high water. No matter how many times I’ve traveled through the canyon, I’m always in awe of its dramatic natural beauty. The sedimentary rock walls carved by the Colorado River tell the story of millions of years of uplift and erosion. This unique landscape on the south side of the White River Plateau is one of many special places in Colorado.
The super special part of the route today was my maiden voyage along the new bike trail from Cooley Mesa Rd to Eagle. I had commuted many miles on US Highway 6 for six years from Gypsum to Eagle. Thanks to the ECO Trails committee there is now a safe route between the two communities. I think this group deserves a lot of credit for what they do.
Once in Eagle, we again we found ourselves taken in by friends. We can’t thank all of these good people enough for giving us room and board. We are very humbled by their generosity and compassion.
Now the real riding begins – ha ha. Many miles of singletrack adventures await. It is now day 12 of my attempt to ride every day in June. I’m a little tired but I think it will be easy to stay motivated by all of the great trails in our old neighborhood.
Welcome home, LK

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