Monday, June 16, 2008

Singletrack Bums

Day 266
The Boneyard Trail to the Pool/Ice Rink Trail
Time: 1:17:00
Distance: 10.5
Avg Speed: 8.2
Terrain: Singletrack
Location: East Eagle Trails

We arrived in Eagle last Thursday and we’ve been riding singletrack ever since. The weather is beautiful, the wildflowers are in bloom, and life is good. (And yes, we know how lucky we are…)

When it comes to singletrack, Vail probably gets the most recognition compared to other towns. It’s a world-class destination and it does have a stellar collection of trails. However, I’d have to say that Eagle has the best riding in the County. Given the length of season, the amount of trails, and the variety of routes, “down valley” is tops in my book.
Overall, Eagle County has endless opportunities on a bicycle. From Vail Pass on the east to World’s Greatest on the west, we’ve ridden just about everywhere on pavement and dirt. We’ve also reinvented ourselves many times over with regards to our bicycling personalities. Whether it was riding, racing, commuting or touring, we always found a way to be on a bike. In fact, our first bicycle tour together was a three day push from Gypsum to Leadville and back by way of Crooked Creek, Hagerman, and Tennessee Passes.
After today’s ride we cruised by the shop looking to get our bikes washed. We ran into an old friend, Larry G. He’s one of our favorite “bike people” and is always doing something on two wheels. Larry invited us to his house where he has a nice wash station set up. While we washed the grime away, he got us up to date on all his latest escapades. In addition to his day job, Larry is training and racing; he’s promoting cyclocross events and working (sort of) as rep for a new company called Squirt Lube. Squirt Lube is a new dry lube for bicycles that is wax and water based. It does not have any solvents so it’s pretty environmentally friendly. We like that. Anyway, we had a great time catching up with Larry G and we look forward to testing a new product.
Happy Monday,

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ELGEE said...

It is always awesome seeing you guys..glad I could help out with the clean-up and get ya the lube, you guys will dig the stuff. Travel Safe my friends, you have a piece of all of us with you!