Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Scout Trail

Day 261
Boy Scout Trail
Time: 3:15:00
Distance: 23.2 miles
Avg Speed: 7.3 mph
Terrain: Classic Colorado Mountain Bike Ride
Location: 107° 17' 56.353" W, 39° 32' 36.116" N

Our quest to ride singletrack on our days off continued today with the Boy Scout Trail, a classic Colorado ride. Starting on the newly completed Rio Grande Trail, which continues through Carbondale to Aspen, we rode south along Highway 82 to access Red Canyon Rd. A couple hours of stiff climbing lay ahead of us and we settled in for the long haul. Luckily, the spectacular views of Mt Sopris distracted us while we made our way to the radio towers above Glenwood. After two hours of climbing we were rewarded with a fun and challenging singletrack descent into the city. The trail is perched on the side of Lookout Mountains and, at times, I felt as if I might fly off the trail into the canyon below. It was just as spicy as I remember.

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