Friday, June 20, 2008

The Evening Ride

Day 269
Son of Middle Creek
Time: 1:54:00
Distance: 13.10
Avg Speed: 6.8 mph
Terrain: Vail Singletrack
Location: 39˚ 38’ 50.8” N, 106˚ 23’ 44.3” W

We’ve been in Vail for the last couple of days. As usual, we are bunking with friends and enjoying some time catching up on all of the latest in our lives.
We arrived from Eagle on Wednesday after a pleasant ride along the Eagle River. It was fairly uneventful until Edwards when we were waved off the road by a man wielding a camera. No big deal, we just figured it was someone interested in what we were up to. Sure enough, it turned out to be a very well-traveled bicycle touring couple, who maintains the Full Loaded Touring Galley website. They had just moved to Eagle County from Utah and were on their way to Vail to see the sights. We’ll definitely have to look them up the next time we roll through this area. I’m sure their stories from the road can run circles around ours.
Tonight we enjoyed the classic evening ride on the Son of Middle Creek trail. It was the perfect time of day to go; nice temperature and beautiful light. The sun rays were filtering through the trees and highlighting the distant mountain peaks. I had forgotten about the great views of Mt of the Holy Cross and the Gore Range. The route is a favorite of ours and is becoming an annual tradition. Last summer when we stayed in Vail, a group of us went out as part of our farewell weekend. I hope the tradition continues.
Enjoy the alpenglow,

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