Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 259: Meeker to Rifle Gap Reservoir

Time: 4:46
Distance: 43.04 miles
Avg Speed: 9 mph
Terrain: Rolling
Location: 39˚ 38’ 00.2” N, 107˚ 44’ 45.9” W

We left the comfort of my mom’s place this morning. There was light frost when we got up, but due to us dragging our feet and having that second cup of coffee the frost melted and the sun came out. We only had to dodge oil rigs for a few miles before we turned off of the highway and onto county road 13. We were grateful for a parallel route that kept us away from more oil traffic. The road went from two lane country road to one lane dirt and took us up over a small pass at 8150’. That elevation looks familiar. We crested our last hill and decided that we would just head to Rifle Gap State Park for a campsite rather than bush camp. Leslie wanted a picnic table and I guess I couldn’t argue. We rolled into the camp area and much to my surprise the gal that took our camping info knew our last name. She remarked that her principal in high school had that name. Small world, it turned out to be my uncle. After getting settled in among the fifth wheels and RV’s we made up some soup and took a little nap. While we were eating dinner we had a nice conversation with a fellow camper from Grand Junction. He had just gotten back from a volunteer stint in Louisiana helping with the hurricane repair. He had spent his time working with a local tribe south of New Orleans. The Homa Indians lived way south on the bayou and weren’t even acknowledged by the US government until the mid 1960’s. Evidently they were brushed aside by both the French and the Americans during the Louisiana Purchase. Our camper friend also remarked that he had never eaten so good while doing volunteer work. His menu sounded a lot like the seen in Forrest Gump where Gump’s friend, Bubba, lists all the dishes you can make with shrimp. It sure did sound good while we ate our chicken and rice chili (secret recipe!!).
We are both a little cooked from the day’s effort. I think it is from not really riding for a couple of days. Hopefully tomorrow is a little easier on us.

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