Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tijuana Toaster

Day 241
Boulder to Ft. Collins
Time: 3:57
Distance: 47.7 miles
Avg Speed: 12.1 mph
Terrain: flat to rolling

After a little respite and some time on other bikes, we got back on the road again. We conned Leslie’s dad into taking us to north Boulder. We weren’t too keen on riding the highway between Golden and Boulder again. We got on the road under sunny skies and only the slightest peek of storm clouds coming down from the mountains. The ride up from Boulder was uneventful, but we were waved at by quite a few cyclists on the roads. That was quite the opposite from the introduction we got to Boulder cycling a few weeks ago. The storm clouds blew all around us by the time we turned off from Longmont to Loveland. The weather was a little more stable today (yesterday there were a few tornadoes in the area) but the rain was threatening. We made it to Loveland with only one little unintentional detour (not lost, just misplaced) and went on the search for lunch. We found a great little sandwich shop called Daddy-O’s Green Onion. Leslie got the Turkey Rueben and I just had to get the Tijuana Toaster. I didn’t even care what was on it; I just wanted to have a sandwich with that name. You will have to go to Daddy-O’s to see what it was all about. We are now hanging out in Ft. Fun for the holiday weekend and attending my cousin’s high school graduation.
We had a good day back on the road, stayed dry, and ate some good road food. We are looking forward to checking out Colorado and all the weather it has to offer. When we leave here, we will probably have a few days of snow camping as we head over the passes. Yeah for Colorado!!

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