Sunday, October 12, 2008

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

Day 383
Beziers to Pepignan
Time: 5:52:00
Distance: 104 km
Avg Speed: 17.7 kph
Terrain: Flat
Location: N 42 41' 55", 2 53' 44" E

This was Chris’ song selection for the day. He loves to sing and typically has some tune going. After a quick break to get groceries this morning, we got back on the road toward Perpignan. Chris sang a few lines of the Paul Simon classic and I joined right in. I think I was at “just drop off the key Lee and get yourself free” when I actually realized what song he was singing. “Should I be worried?” I asked Chris. He laughed hard and said “no, that was the song playing in the supermarket”. Then we spent the next 10 km or so figuring out ways we could have given each other the slip in the last year. Here are the top three:
-While getting off the train at the station, get off the train with your bike and panniers and make sure the other person will be held up by all the other people getting off the train
-Buy two plane tickets, 1 one-way and 1 return. Don’t tell the one-way about the return
-Send him out for groceries and then switch hotel rooms (This actually happened in Slovakia. He found me anyway.)

In an attempt to get closer to Spain, we had another long day. The terrain was flat again and even though the wind had changed, it was still helped us pedal along. The day was rather dark with thick cloud cover and a few rain sprinkles. I changed my sunglasses to orange lenses more for my psyche than vision. I have a tendency to struggle on days without sun.
At kilometer 85 we found ourselves in the vicinity of another sightseeing opportunity and decided to take it. Just off the highway was the Forteresse de Salses. It is the beautifully preserved Catalan fortress built in the 15th century. Apparently, the design was very innovative for the time and represented a transition between medieval castles and modern fortresses. The castle is definitely a departure from the buildings we’ve seen so far in Europe. I’m guessing we’re in for more captivating architecture as we venture onto the Iberian Peninsula.
Tomorrow we’ll spend a well earned rest day getting organized for Spain and Portugal. With just over six weeks until we return to the US, we should have ample time to explore the region in depth.

Hop on the bus Gus,

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