Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Living La Vida Local

Day 379

We were supposed to get back on the road today but instead we are still in Rochemaure. The rains started during the night, and while it is not the Biblical type of deluge, the constant downpour has been enough to delay another day.
Rest days are a mixed blessing for us. On one hand we have a chance to rest, recover, and catch up with whatever. We usually try to call family, catch up on the internet, and eat. At some point we reach the slippery slope and rest days become long and unwanted. Our muscles start to recover, we spend too much money, and we start to worry about getting behind or getting to the planned end.
Today could have been one of those not so positive days. I caught my mind wandering early and decided to follow a different thought path. Who cares if it takes longer to warm up tomorrow or if we have a little less money than we planned when we get home? Furthermore, no one is going to give us a bad grade or not give us a raise if we don’t follow our original route or timeline. It’s amazing how ingrained my previous life is sometimes. It’s not a bad thing, just an observation. I realize that this journey is a special opportunity that may never present itself again. I look forward to all of the experiences that we will have from now until we fly home from Spain.
I did manage to have a conversation in French today. It was short and the other person was not Chris. I’m sure the woman at the post office knew that I wasn’t local, but I was proud of myself for trying to be one. One thing is for sure – I would really like to become fluent in some language in the future.
So we will try again tomorrow. If not, we’ll just live la vida local for one more day.


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