Sunday, October 05, 2008

Welcome to France…We are Closed

Day: 372
Lavours to La Frette
Time: 5:20
Distance: 81.8 km
Avg Speed: 15.3 kph
Terrain: Flat to Rolling
Location: N 45 23 24.5, E 5 21 41.6

I tried to get Leslie to use this title last night, but she had a better one. It seems that most campgrounds and small hotels are closed for the season on this leg of our trip. We aren’t sure what the future will bring.
I had an idea for a good French sitcom today while riding. Picture an elderly couple who run a small out of the way hotel in the beautiful French countryside. She doesn’t speak a word of English (or for that matter does he). He has had a stroke and watches old American Westerns with French voice overs and keeps the volume way up. They have major shouting matches in front of their guests, but despite it all they seem to have a very loving relationship. They have three dogs, two of whom are old and decrepit and the third barks and snarls at everything. Each episode would be featured around different guests that stay at the hotel. The first episode would be about two cycle tourists that come bumbling along half bonked out of their minds.
Ok, ok, it really isn’t an idea, it is real life for us right now. She is super nice and he is really nice and chatty. She made us dinner tonight. We thought it would just be soup and bread, but it turned into a four course dinner. We started with soup, then had bread and fresh tomatoes, then had pan fried burger patties and penne pasta and followed it all up with a vanilla rum custard and wafer cookie. It was farm food at its best, but it hit the spot. We can now retire for the evening with full stomachs.
I replaced another piece of gear today. Our little stove lighter finally died so I popped into the local tobacco shop to pick up a new Bic. I had a couple of choices that ranged from colors to American country western stars. I was about to buy a Merle Haggard lighter and then I saw the lighter series to end all lighter series. Le Tour de France. I was so excited to get a TDF official cigarette lighter that I could hardly stand in line to pay for it. So I stole it. Just kidding, I bought it and Leslie captured my enthusiasm on film.
We are looking forward to breakfast to see what little morsels she busts out for us.

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