Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sick Day From the Office

Day: 378
Rochemaure Day 2

I decided to take one more day off the bike. I didn’t feel too spicy yesterday, so I opted for another day. I think deep down I needed more French TV.
Here is the rundown of what I have watched today. Keep in mind that it is dubbed over in French.
Knight Rider (or K2000 according to this TV) twice actually
Magnum PI
Several French films which I enjoyed watching, but didn’t really get. One of them I am sure I wouldn’t have even got with sub-titles.
One French-Canadian film with European French subtitles. Evidently there is that much of a difference. I actually got this one and really liked it. It is called C.R.A.Z.Y. if you can find it with English sub-titles.
The rest of the time I just surfed.
We did get out and visit the local chateau. I think it was built in the 13th century (my reading comprehension of French isn’t so good) atop a volcanic dyke that runs parallel to the river. It overlooks the town and offers expansive views of the Rhone River Valley.

While killing time today I did find a program on Yahoo called the Purple Pedal Program. It is a contest for these purple bikes that are outfitted with GPS, and cameras and solar chargers. I suggest you track it down and check it out. Leslie thought I should enclose my application.

Pedaling, whether it is purple or not, has been my life this past year. My sole purpose (with my significant other of course) has been to ride my bicycle throughout the world. No cars... no problem. Bad weather...put on another jacket. Too hot...take off some clothes (careful with that one). Documenting my daily rounds throughout the front range of Colorado would be a great way to further the cause of pedal power, not petrol power!! Showing people that it is possible to get anything and everything with a bike is not only what I would be able to do; it is what I was made to do. Solar powered purple pedal montsters unite to carry out this global education program. I CAN BE (and should be) A SOLAR POWERED PURPLE PEDAL MONSTER BECAUSE I ALREADY AM ONE (my bike just happens to be green).

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JennSean said...

Maybe there will be a purple pedal bike waiting for you when you get back?