Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Couple in Room 12

Day 351
Porec to Motovun

The couple in room 12 are definitely new at Pansion Biba.

This morning we eagerly descended the stairs for our first breakfast at our new accommodation. No surprise, we had been analyzing the potential buffet offerings since last evening. As we strolled past the breads, cereals, meats, and cheeses, Chris headed for the table where we sat last night at dinner. I decided that I didn’t want to get in a rut and beckoned him to a different table. Actually, I just wanted a table that already had a carafe of coffee ready to go. As I sat down and started to pour myself a cup, the host rushed over and stopped me before I could splash a drop. He pointed to our table from last night and then another one next to the spot I had chosen. He then hurriedly got me settled at the new table and then explained to me (in Croatian, German or Italian – I’m not really sure) that we had assigned tables. I felt really bad – I was just trying to break my own annoying habit. Chris had that “I told you so smile” on his face as he sat down. I shrugged my shoulders and went on about my coffee drinking and breakfast eating. It was about mid-meal when I realized that I could have saved myself a lot embarrassment by just looking at the sugar dish. Each one is marked with the room number. Rookie mistake – tomorrow I will look for the number 12.
We spent the day on a “training ride” to the village of Motovun. I had read that it was a picturesque hilltop village. The loop I laid out was about 60 or so kilometers and it would be a good way to see the countryside and get some miles in.
The riding was great without panniers and made us miss riding at home. Sometimes I’m amazed at how much we like to ride our bicycles. Plain and simple; it’s just fun.
Motovun was really cool. Not only is it a hilltop village, it sits alone in the middle of a broad valley. We’re guessing that it was an important location for the region as it provides endless views in all directions. Chris and I pedaled up the main road until our tires hit the cobble. From there we walked to the top with the rest of the tourists. We lingered awhile to soak in the views, architecture, and people. By early afternoon, our legs began pedaling back to our bed and breakfast.
The comic relief for the day came at the end of the ride as we rode back into Porec. Chris noticed a bicycle path on the opposite side of the road. Since traffic was pretty heavy we decided to cross over. As I slowed down in a driveway, a car coming from the opposite direction layed on its horn. As it turned in, it swerved a bit like it was going to hit Chris. As it slowly rolled by an irate young man rattled off a litany punctuated by an “FU” in the middle. We both laughed out of nervousness and complete shock. We were also confused by his anger and his use of the expletive in the middle of the sentence. Normally one would use such vulgar language at the beginning or the end of an outburst.
But wait…we haven’t gotten to the best part yet.
We hadn’t noticed the other cars waiting behind the enraged motorist. Just as we were ready to get on our way, another car honked at us. We were ready to throw up our hands in disgust when man in a little white car yelled “ha-lo” and then pointed down the road to the other driver. He then put up his middle finger, smiled, and then pointed down the road again. I guess he was on our side…

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