Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Soup Nazi is Back

Day 360
Merano Rest Day

This morning we awoke to church bells at 6 am. Snooze bells ran at 6:30, 6:45, and 7:00. So much for sleeping in.

Our Merano rest day was spent getting caught up. Chris was practically giddy to be on laundry duty – we found the laundromat yesterday afternoon. Eastern Europe doesn’t have them so we have relied on the hand-wash method. I hope we don’t have to go back.
While Chris was on Project Clean Clothes, I caught up on blogs, email, and research for our passage through the Swiss Alps. No matter where you look, there are passes, descents, and more passes. However, you can bet that all of those passes will be full of breathtaking views. It should be spectacular.
Most of the afternoon was spent watching various people on their bicycles. It’s my new favorite photo subject. I’m trying to perfect my blurred background technique. As I snapped an endless amount of frames, something occurred to me. It’s very fashionable to ride a bicycle in Europe. I watched, a nun pedal into the city center, a woman in high heels smoke a cigarette, and a man in a very stylish suit, all riding their two-wheeled machines. Think about it.
Dinner was soup tonight. It’s something we have quite often. Chris decided to mix it up a little last night. It was actually the worse dinner he’s cooked during our travels. He intended to make a nice dish of gnocci and pancetta with a marinara sauce. What it turned out to be is what I have now dubbed “hot dog pasta”. Let’s just say that we shouldn’t have been shopping at the discount grocery store. Just because we’re in Italy doesn’t mean you can’t get cheap ingredients. Thank goodness the soup nazi is back.

Bon appetite,

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