Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Hard Way

Day 358
Rovereto to Laives
Time: 5:49:00
Distance: 90.6
Avg Speed: 15.5
Terrain: Bicycle Path
Location: N 46˚ 25’ 54.3”, E 11˚ 20’ 43.5”

I can’t follow up Chris’ title yesterday with a clever one today. Instead I will settle for something that is short and to the point.
We started the day at the hostel tag teaming the caffeination vending machine. It’s one of the best pieces of buffet equipment that we’ve yet encountered. Latte, caffe, cappuccino? Just push the button and the go juice comes out. Each one of us had one wrong guess in our selection. I got a cup of steamed milk when I chose latte. Chris got a very strong, almost essence like cup. Cappuccino is still the way to go – we know how to say it and it’s the same every time.
We finally pedaled out of Rovereto after taking one wrong detour. We seem to have a knack for this on the European leg of the trip. I thought it would be the only wrong turn for the day. I was mistaken.
When we hit Trento, one of the biggest towns in the region, we got pulled in by its tractor beam. The main road sucked us in, chewed on us for a bit, and then spit us out the other side. To make matters worse, we kept getting a visual of a bicycle path off in the distance. In the midst of trying to escape the noontime traffic jam, I spotted a sign for piste ciclabile (bicycle route) and decided it was time to get on it. My frustration level was high at the time and as we made a hard right turn and crossed under the road we had just been riding on I got off the bike and let it rip. With absolutely no mindfulness, I screamed at the top of my lungs and yelled to the world what I thought of this bike route. As Chris calmly passed me, he pointed to a sign. It was a picture of a bicycle and a name that read Bolzano, the town we were headed to. I just grunted and got back on my bike.
We had some lunch and then decided to follow the route. For the next three hours and 50 kilometers we pedaled on THE nicest bicycle path that I’ve ever had the pleasure of riding. The views weren’t bad either. I guess all of that wallowing earlier was worth the reward.
We found a campground in the town center of Laives for the night. It was another scavenger hunt as usual but we made the best of it. After setting up the tent we toasted the long day with a beer and our first views of the Alps to the north.

Earning every kilometer,

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