Friday, September 12, 2008

An Everyday Slice of Life

Day 352
Poreč North Loop
Time: 3:25:00
Distance: 51.2 kilometers
Avg Speed: 15.0 kph
Terrain: Rolling

One of the things I like most about bicycle touring is the chance to observe everyday life in the places we travel through. Today we went on a ride and for most of the three hours I didn’t find anything remarkable about our route. It wasn’t until we rode through a quaint little village that I was snapped out of my daze. As we pedaled through the town center I noticed a group of men and a few bicycles and then was content to look at the colorful shutters on various stone buildings. As we passed the group of men I became immediately immersed in their space. They were a lively bunch, all probably in their mid to late sixties, discussing everything. Some were speaking loud while others were motioning with their hands. All of them were very engaged in the moment. It was their daily gathering that led to my reflection about the way Chris and I travel the way we do.
Tomorrow we leave Croatia and Eastern Europe. I’m so glad we decided to throw caution to the wind and start the last leg of our adventure in Poland. We’ve seen some amazing landscapes and interacted with some wonderful and fascinating people. The riding was fantastic and we got to see a region of the world where the bicycle is very much integrated into everyday life. Interestingly enough, these countries through which we have traveled are very much developed and have access to most of the modern conveniences that we do at home. It has certainly given us food for thought.

See you in Italy,

Didn’t make it to bed without having a shot of schnapps. Chris settled up the bill with Mr. Biba and then had to come get me so that we could all drink together. What a great host! He is even having an early breakfast for us so we don’t have to travel hungry on the ferry. If you’re ever in Croatia and have a few days to kill, make sure to book yourself a room at Pension Biba.

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JennSean said...

The Pension Biba looks wonderful! Will have to keep that in mind (wink, wink).