Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cracked Rim, Part Deux

Day 370
Nyon to Geneva
Time: 1:20:00
Distance: 25.0 km
Avg Speed:
Terrain: Bicycle lane
Location: N 46 12 54.9, E 006,08 45.1

It happened once and we thought it was a fluke. It happened again and we’re pretty sure it’s operator error.

The remaining 25 kilometers or so into Geneva from Nyon was very smooth and straightforward. We decided to skip the guidebook’s route and stick to the highway. Why? The highway was equipped with a designated bicycle lane on either side. Even as we entered the city, the bicycle lanes continued in all directions. It was great.
We headed straight for the city hostel and found that they only had two beds left. They weren’t together so we opted to find the information center. There we found a list of expensive hotels and a booking fee. I quickly called the hostel – we could manage to bunk with others for a night or two. After a quick lunch (yes, it was McDonald’s again) we found the bike shop. Unfortunately, we got there just in time for the mid day break. We rolled our bikes down to the plaza and set up camp for an hour or so. I worked on more bicycling photos while Chris procured some sweets. It was interesting to watch the mix of people filter through the area. From professionals to beer guzzling nomads, we saw it all.
At 2pm we pushed our bikes back down to the Hot Point Bicycle store. It had a true bike shop feel. They deal in Specialized, Rocky Mountain, and Ibis, so we felt right at home. I was in need of a new rear wheel as mine has suffered the same fate as Chris’ did in Laos.
In retrospect, I would have heeded DT Swiss’ information when Chris got his new rim. The warranty folks mentioned that pannier weight and tire pressure could have contributed to his failed wheel. I guess it’s an “I told you so” moment. We won’t be soliciting DT Swiss for new equipment this time.
I first felt the bubble while braking in Croatia. We inspected the rim and couldn’t find anything. The problem seemed to go away but then returned the same day Chris had his crash. Coincidently, we put air in the tires on both of these days. The light bulb still didn’t go on until Chris was replacing my brake pads and found the flare. Bummer – a new wheel was necessary. Live and learn I guess. After the crash, I’m not really willing to see how long the wheel would last.
Anyway, the Hot Point shop was awesome. They had a new wheel built in a matter of hours. I now have a shiny new Alex Rims Adventurer – what an appropriate name.

True wheels still rolling,

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