Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Geneva Rest Day

Day: 371

Due to us sleeping in separate rooms last night and us being able to get a twin room tonight, we had to check out, so we could check back in. The hostel is set up for that sort of thing so we stashed our pile of stuff in some lockers, got on our only clean clothes, and washed all of our dirty ones. My only clean clothes happened to be my swim trunks and a short sleeve button down. Leslie was a little more fortunate with her swim suit, some shorts and long sleeve button down. I am sure we looked like a bunch of freaks hanging out in the laundry room waiting for the dinger to go off. Our laundry finally finished doing its thing so we got back on some less conspicuous attire and rolled out onto the town for a little sight seeing and some shopping. On the agenda was some warmer clothing, and some trinkets to send home. Our warmer clothing was a slam dunk, but the trinkets for home were a little more interesting. We wanted to send home 2 kg of chocolate and when we got to the window at the Suisse Post we were informed we couldn’t send any food. I about fainted thinking that we would have to haul around all that chocolate. We wouldn’t have hauled it around, but I would have had a belly ache the whole time. We finally got on the same page as the postal clerk and figured that the chocolate was ok, but that we could only send a max of 2 kg in a box. The rest of the goods would have to find another way home. We got a second box and filled it up. Going to the post office is always exciting. I prefer Eastern Europe and Asian post offices. They don’t care what you are mailing as long as it isn’t going to blow up or get them arrested. You got the money honey, they got the time.
After are errands we hit our new favorite Swiss eatery…McDonald’s. We each have theories on why we crave it now and again while on the road, but never while at home. Leslie’s has to do with chemicals in the food keep bringing us back, and mine has to do with deep seeded psychological misgivings about the globalization of food and its impacts on the greater good of man. I think that Leslie is right though.
We are off to France tomorrow. Back to the land of the Euro.

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