Tuesday, April 01, 2008

In Transit

Day: 190
Suvarnabhumi (Suwanna-poom) International Airport
Time: 18 hours

We’ve gotten to hour 14 – only 4 more to go. Somehow this airport marathon hasn’t been as bad as others. We’ve kept ourselves busy all day. We’ve been eating, sleeping, walking, surfing and people watching. Some of those tasks have been done multiple times. The sleeping was pretty interesting – we both actually slept for a couple of hours. This was an accomplishment considering the cushion-less benches we were perched on and the Thai tour group chatting the morning away right next to us.
After meal number three (Chris tells me that the pork dumplings at 7-Eleven this morning count as a meal), we strolled through the garden area outside the airport. We managed to stay out of the sun and enjoy a green space amongst a lot of concrete and steel. Back inside, we explored another level and noticed a hair salon and spa. Chris spotted the 45 minute foot massage on the list and before I knew it we were both relaxing in comfortable chairs. It’s a known fact that I don’t do feet so I wasn’t going to keep Chris from getting his “dogs” worked on. Our justification was the 12 hours we just spent getting to Bangkok on the bus and the upcoming 20+ hours of flight time. Really, it was just a great way to kill another hour at the airport.
Now we’re on cruise control. We’ve got our boarding passes and the luggage checked in. We managed to get through another round of “let’s see what your baggage weight is”. They only weighed one of the bike boxes and said “the other one is the same, right?”. We both quickly shook our heads yes and whisked the bike boxes off to the oversized luggage check-in. We’ve learned to act quickly and not share ancillary details. Soon we’ll be tucked away in our exit row seats and dreaming of spring in Colorado.
See you tomorrow,

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JennSean said...

Glad to hear you got them dogs taken care of before the rest of us have to see them!! :)
Exit row! You might as well be flying business class!! NICE!