Wednesday, April 09, 2008

R & D Day

Day 197
Favorite Singlespeed Loop
Time: 1:10
Distance: ??

We were back at work after a weekend with friends up north. We had a few things on our to-do list to take care of so we got after it. Our timeline for Colorado is shaping up, so we decided to do a route to match. When it is all said and done, I am sure we will be a little off from what we had planned. Leslie got to work figuring mileage, roads and timelines for Colorado. It should be published here soon, so check it out and see when you can join us for a few days. It looks like it could be fun. Leslie was able to get a lot of the road info from the C-DOT website. It is always fun to find little gems of knowledge.
While Leslie was hard at work with the planning I had the sewing machine out making a visor/bicycle sombrero for our helmets. Leslie’s helmet was the guinea pig and I think it turned out well. We got the idea from our Aussie cycling mate, Hamish. He had a great sun shade on his helmet that his mum had made. I hope that I make his mum proud with our version.
We took a couple of breaks today for a ride on our singlespeeds before the weather started to turn and a run to the grocery store for some grub. We have now been home for a week and are staring at our third snow day. I can’t really complain about the weather since we only get a little taste of this year’s winter.
Tomorrow I will give my sombrero a go as well as head over to the American Alpine Club (AAC) library for a little research on China and Nepal. The AAC library has tons of information on international travel. We stumbled on the wealth of knowledge there last year while checking routes in the Tetons. If you are ever in the neighborhood of Golden, Colorado check it out.

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