Friday, April 04, 2008


Day 192

We’ve been home a couple of days now. We’ve been catching up on sleep, unpacking gear, washing clothes, etc. I’ve also been spending time thinking about our trip so far. I feel really happy about what we’ve done and I’m really excited to continue. I also feel pretty inspired about life.
A few years ago, Chris shared some words with me that he found on a website. They (the words) come from Mark Twight, a climber, who maintains a fitness website called Gym Jones. I’ve read the words from time to time in the last six months. Early in the game I needed to read them to remind myself why I wanted to do this trip. Now, as I reflect back on the first part of our journey, I revisit the words. I feel satisfied. I like the words because they are raw and intense, pure and fresh. I’d like to share my favorite part:

“Burn the bridge. Nuke the foundation. Back yourself up against a wall. Have an opinion one way or the other, get off the fence and rip it up. Cut yourself off so there is no going back. Once you're committed the truth will come out. You ask about security? What you need is uncertainty. What you need is confusion; something that forces you to reinvent yourself, a whip to drive you harder…”

If you’d like a link to the whole thing, email me. Be warned though, the full version is very intense and could possibly be offensive to some.


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