Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Three Kids, Two Schools and a Minivan Part I

Day 211
Somewhere Between Castle Rock and Littleton
Time: All Day
Avg Speed: School Zone
Terrain: 18 month old to 12 years old

We're helping out my sister today. I'm going to try to keep track as the day progresses. So far the morning has been hectic. It has become very obvious that we haven't had a schedule in a long time...
Our first goal was to get the 12 year old off to 6th grade and take the 4 year old to pre-school. The pre-teen was easy. The second part shouldn't have been a problem except for the stop at the gas station. Chris popped the lid for the tank while I hopped out and grabbed the nozzle. I heard the beep, pressed the button for the low grade unleaded and squeezed the handle - nothing. Chris wiggled his way over to the passenger window and yelled "You'll have to use a credit card if you're not going to prepay with cash". I opened the door and fumbled through my coat, retrieved my credit card and proceeded. I got ready to pump again when Chris said "do you have a discount card?". Ahhhhhhh! Too many buttons, too little time. Meanwhile, the 18 month old and 4 year old looked at us like "Mommy doesn't do it like this...". The petrol stop only put us behind by about five minutes and we had a good laugh about how inept we have become in the last six months. A gas station stop for us is usually related to food and a restroom, not fuel for a car. Anyway, the four year old is now expanding his mind and we're doing laundry.
Stay tuned for the afternoon report.

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