Saturday, April 26, 2008

Retail Therapy

Day 214
Time: All Day
Avg Speed: Stop and Go
Terrain: Pearl St Mall

I had a chance to get out shopping today with a good friend. We both wanted a day of retail therapy - she is off on vacation soon and I've got a few things I need for the next phase of our adventure. I definitely got a couple of things that I didn't need but it was nice to not have to be practical about every purchase. It's become second nature to avoid purchasing extra items but I found I was able to adapt quickly (ha, ha).
We shopped in the fine Front Range city of Boulder today. It's been awhile since I cruised up and down the Pearl St Mall. Despite the intermittent snow showers, the scene was lively with shoppers, buskers and everything in between. The local cyclists didn't mind the weather either. In fact, Boulder has a great bicycle network. Check out this link for more info. I'm always interested in the different bikes and the people who ride them. "Fixies" seem to be all the rage now and Boulder was chock full. I'm sure Chris and I will join the bandwagon at some point - we are, after all, equal opportunity cyclists.
Signing off from the "People's Republic",

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