Thursday, April 03, 2008

Where are we and what day is it?

Day: 191 ( I think)
Seoul to Denver

We have now been traveling for a long time. I know times, but at this point I can’t add them up in my head. 12 hours on a bus, 19 hours at an airport, 6 hours on a plane, 6 hours at an airport, 11 hours on a plane, 2 hours at an airport and finally 2 hours on a plane. Leslie had the plan broken down into stages. We are now on the final stage of our trip home. I hadn’t realized how long we had been going until I looked at myself in a mirror and I had a healthy stubble on my face. I had shaved the day we left Vientiane (which is also the last day I showered…yummy).
We grabbed an iced-tea in LA and had the urge for a chocolate chip cookie as well. I think we are both regretting the cookie a little. We have been on a see food diet for the past 6 months and for the past 2 we have really been fortunate to have a lot of whole foods in our diet. The cookie wasn’t a very clean food and our bodies are reminding us of that.
I dozed a little on the final leg to Denver. I woke up and saw the undated map in front of me with the time on it. I set my watch to Colorado time, but I couldn’t figure our what day it was. A nasty, or nice, habit that we got into on the road is completely losing track of what day of the week it is. Our calendar was broken down into ride days and rest days. Anything beyond that was unnecessary. It turns out it is Wednesday and I had thought that it was Thursday. I am sure people thought I was on drugs when I asked Leslie what day it was. I probably look it at this point.
We were lounging at the airport in LA and we both hoped that weather would be nice enough to go for a little ride tomorrow. I think we are both happy that after all the saddle time we have had the past half a year that we were looking forward to a ride. Singlespeeds here we come!!!
We are both very happy to see and spend some time with our families. It will be a nice treat for us to see them.
I am not sure how often the blog will go while we are holed up for a couple weeks. I think it will resume when we are on the road in Colorado though. I know the Poudre River doesn’t sound as exotic as the Mekong River, but adventure is where you make it.

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