Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Kickstands Are Cool

Day: 196
Fort Collins to Denver
Time: A Few Hours
Avg Speed: 65 stay alive
Terrain: Interstate 25

It took some convincing by Chris to put the package in the shopping basket. I was really reluctant to purchase this particular piece of equipment. In the end, practicality won out and I held my head high as we checked out. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a kickstand.
I’m not sure at what age I turned against the small apparatus, but along with mirrors and reflectors, I have always shunned it. It was the first thing I removed from a new bike and the last thing I thought I would ever need again. However, after watching several fellow bicycle tourists stand their bikes up with little effort, I’ve slowly become convinced that it might make my daily ride a little more enjoyable. In fact, it will probably save some time since stopping usually requires pushing the bike around to find the right place to prop it up. The alternative requires setting the bike on the ground and that can lead to an entirely different conversation.
I’m now looking forward to keeping my bike upright. My two-wheeled companion really does deserve first class treatment. Who knows, perhaps I can inspire other “non-kickstand” cyclists to reconsider the usefulness of a metal stick on a spring.

Ps – Happy 12th Birthday to our nephew Alec!

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