Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Bag Full of Cats: Mangawhai Heads to Matakohe

Location: 36 06’ 29.0”S, 174 15’ 0.73”E
Distance: 51.34k
Time: 4:08:06
Avg Speed: 12.4k
Terrain: Rolling

The weather is cooperating quite nicely now. We stayed on the east coast last night at a nice little tourist village. The mornings we stay on the coast we always wake up to the heaviest dew on our tent and we end up packing it wet so we can get on the road. When we pull into the camp that evening we pull out the wet tent, put it up and let it air dry. It generally happens pretty quickly since there is a breeze blowing. The breeze was little bit blustery today and managed to stay in our faces throughout the day. The panniers on our bikes act like giant sails either way we face. Tail winds are nice because we just float along. Cross winds have become a matter of consternation among us, because we are either heading into the ditch or into traffic. Leslie announced today that riding in a cross wind with her panniers was “like riding with a bag full of cats!”
Today we had break through when we realized that regardless of the terrain, weather and how we feel we average around 12 kilometers an hour. We aren’t speeding bullets by any stretch of the imagination, but we do manage to keep the rubber side down.
We have been testing cookies here (or rather I have led the charge and Leslie happily tags along) and we have come to the conclusion that New Zealand has the best little cookie treats anywhere. Our favorites right now are TimTams and ToffeePops. Nothing like using the cookie as carrot to get you to your lunch spot.
The All Blacks play tomorrow in the Rugby World Cup against France. We will be spending breakfast watching the All Blacks trounce France on French soil. Rugby is religion here and it is amazing how devout a country can be behind its national rugby team.


Red Yeti said...

Why cookie treats? What happend to the vegemite?

JennSean said...

Timtams...yes I am completely surprised that you, Chris, have decided to test out the cookie situation! I am there with you! Good luck on your tasting adventure! Maybe your book name should be 1000 Saturdays & 2000 Cookies?