Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tears of Sorrow - Hihi Beach to Waipapakauri

Distance 50.45 k

Time: 4:09:00

Avg Speed: 12.1 k

Terrain: Wind

We spent last night at a great little beach area in Doubtless Bay. We had our first stormy night in the tent with rain and strong winds. Our tent held up great and so did we. We did end up sleeping with earplugs to drown out the wind. A few days ago I decided that I was going to start carrying less food. I planned on carrying about a days worth of meals and just buying food when we pulled into the town near our camp. Yesterday morning on our way out of town I remembered that we didn’t have any dinners and only enough breakfast for one of us. I figured we would just get something in Hihi. When we pulled into Hihi I asked the campground manager if there was a store nearby. He replied “Manganui”. Leslie asked if there was a cafĂ© nearby. “the whole lot is in Manganui” he answered. Well the problem was Manganui was 10 kilometers on way and we had just ridden 60+. We must of looked like whipped puppies because the camp manager offered to drive us into town when he took his daughter into work. He saved the day.
I didn’t learn my lesson though and ended up in Waipapakauri with one dinner and one breakfast. The closest store is again 10 kilometers away and we had fought wind all day. Neither one of us was too keen on running back into town for some grub. We checked into the camp and the host remarked that they were roasting a lamb for Sunday supper and that we needed to buy our tickets before six to get into dinner. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It didn’t matter how much it was for the “Lamb Smorgasbord”, I was going to pay it. I decided to take care of business first and take a shower (it had been a few days) then the tickets to the bonanza. I ran over to the office around 3:30 to get the tickets and the host looked at me like she had just ran over my dog. “I just sold the last tickets…sorry”. I could have cried. Dinner ended up being cream of chicken with noodles and even though it wasn’t the Lamb I smiled about as I showered and shaved it was $50 cheaper.
You snooze you lose…and then you cry.

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