Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Days 6-8 Warkworth

The spring weather caught up with us. We've been stuck in Warkworth for the past three days. Today we moved to a cabin at Sandspit since we were burning through money. Tomorrow we hope to get to a nice beach camp at Pakiri. The weather is said to be getting a lot better by the weekend.
We're also hoping to find a wireless internet connection so that we can upload photos soon. And, Leslie is really hoping to catch up on the season premiere of CSI. It's just killing her that she hasn't seen it yet. At least she knows that fate of Sara...


JennSean said...

I wondered if Leslie found out "the fate of Sara" yet...I was very tempted to tell her!

Class Act said...

Hey, CSI rules...so does Sara...this week looks good too! Glad you are out of the weather, I'm sure these unforseen events will continue to happen on occasion. The kids at CIS are reading your moves!