Saturday, October 20, 2007

Russell Rest Day 1 - Boaties Revenge


We pulled into Russell yesterday after riding from Kahoe farms. The town across the bay from Russell is Paihia. Paihia is where we get on the ferry to cross over. While we were waiting for the ferry I found out that there was a big sailing race, The Coastal Classic, which ended in Russell today. We double checked with the campground in Russell that a tent site was available and then we jumped on the ferry for our bay cruise. The gal that checked on the campground for us remarked that we would be hanging out with the boaties all weekend. The race starts in Auckland on Friday morning and ends in Russell as early as Friday evening and as late as Saturday evening. All the boats were fueled by a strong southerly wind yesterday and covered a lot of ocean. The top boats sailed into Russell at 8:00 pm last night, and the rest have been trickling in ever since.
Leslie and I were excited to see all the racing boats in Russell today. We headed down to the docks around 9:00 this morning and saw the top finishers docked from the night before. The town of Russell isn’t that big and we figured something was up last night when the music started and the parties got going around 9:30 pm. We were surprised to see that the boats transitioned easily from million dollar racing boats to party barges in a matter of an hour. The crews were still partying hard when we went to town this morning. The little harbor in Russell is jam packed with boats right now as all the different classes come in from the ocean.
The southerly wind that fueled the racers yesterday comes from the south island when they have unsettled weather. The south island has been getting snow the past couple of days and the southerly winds coming up are really cold. We have been wearing pants and jackets all day on the beach. They have even issued a frost warning on the orchards and vineyards on the north island tonight. Should be a chilly one.
Warm wishes.

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