Friday, October 26, 2007

The in-laws have landed

Day 29

Leslie’s parents got into Auckland around 7:00 this morning. Leslie and I picked up the RV yesterday (Leslie’s trial by fire yesterday was quite funny) and we spent last night near the airport. Don and Kathy looked pretty good considering they just got off a 12 hour flight so we decided to pack them up again and whisk them off to the supermarket. Leslie and I realized that the stores and their contents are old hat to us and we had to slow down take a look at things with Don and Kathy. We have never spent that much time in the stores since we never had the means to carry a lot of food. A little while later we were off to the fabulous Coromandel Peninsula and some curvy roads. I drove out of Auckland this morning to a cool little mining town called Thames (home of Thames School of Mines) where we switched drivers. Leslie then had to drive our RV on a narrow road along the coast with no shoulders or guards while we held on in the back and tried to keep the cupboards shut. We got into Coromandel Town for the night and saw a little smokehouse on the out skirts. We had read about the smoked mussels that were available there so we decided to see what they were all about. They do deserve to be written about. I also picked up a smoked marlin steak for lunch tomorrow. I love refrigeration.
Our ride yesterday through the city was pretty short, so I felt like I needed to get out today. We did talk about riding a little when we got to Lake Taupo in a couple of days, but I think I may have to pedal a little before then. I will let you know how the marlin is.
See you later

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